We conduct investigations for companies and other organizations. It could be an intern crime, external fractures or other irregularities.

Our method is based on the appropriate interview techniques, records checks, analysis of electronic traces, reconstructions, surveillance, test purchases and use of technical equipment for documentation. We work with specialists in areas such as forensics, cyber forensics, law and economics. We also have a large network with investigators outside Sweden.

The results of the investigation can be used internally or be the basis of a police report or used in a legal dispute.


We perform background checks on individuals and businesses, which means that we take the facts and information from various public records and from the Internet, reviewing CVs, certificates and references as well as performing interviews and doing field inspections.
The information is compiled and analyzed by our experienced investigators and presented in a report. We also conduct background checks outside Sweden, with the help of our international network.

Background checks are a great way to get more information and to check the already disclosed information about persons or companies in connection with recruitment, staff hiring, subcontracting, acquisitions or agreements.